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The company P.P.H.U. RUREX Zdzisław Mazurkiewicz was established in 1997. Its goal was to meet the demands of the market, which deals not only with materials for wood joinery, but also with companies that produce wooden pallets type Dusseldorf 600x800.

Our first major investment was a purchase of machinery for the production of tubular rivets. At that time the company used a rented production hall in Grabów n. Prosną. In year 2000 we managed to move the production into our own production hall in Mikstat, and build another hall for metal brackets and for metal sheet incision.

During the following years our company purchased a sawmill in Grabów n. Prosną and from that time on it is the place of an ultimate production of the wooden pallets Dusseldorf. In 2006 we bought a mechanical line for longitudinal cutting of steel coils in order to produce metal brackets. Meanwhile in 2012 we obtained a machine for plastic brackets` production, which allowed us to be fully self-sufficient in terms of pallet elements production.

At the moment the company’s main office is situated in Mikstat, whereas the whole process of pallet construction, from supplying the wood to loading the lorry, takes place at the sawmill in Grabów n. Prosną. Due to constant investments, the sawmill is equipped in high-tech machinery and production lines for wood cutting and machining, while our company became self-sufficient also in terms of wooden elements.

P.P.H.U. RUREX also possesses its own fleet of lorries and has licenses for national as well as international transports.

own transport fleet

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