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Dusseldorf pallets 600x800

The main product of our company are wooden pallets type Dusseldorf 600x800. We handle the production, repair and distribution of these "half-pallets", which are increasingly popular in trade as well as in other fields.


As our company has its own sawmill, equipped with high-tech machinery and processing lines, we are able to produce any amount of pallets to satisfy even the most demanding client. Apart from that, every element of the pallet - from a wooden board, through metal and plastic brackets, to a rivets - is produced in our company, therefore we can ensure the highest quality of material and a competitive price.


Our basic offer includes three types of pallets :

  • new pallet - 1st quality
  • new pallet - 2nd quality
  • used pallet


Apart from production our offer also includes repairing Dusseldorf pallets. In such case we deliver already repaired pallets to the client and collect the defective ones. 


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